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Origami, the traditional Japanese art to transform a sheet of paper into a paper sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, has been my hobby since I was a young boy. The most fascinating element of Origami is I could create complex objects from a simple sheet of paper by just folding and cutting it. The origami arts' demand of the folder to build a 3-D sculpture with paper by cuts and folds without glue was indeed a great challenge to my young mind.


As I grew older and older, I became more and more appreciative of Origami as I realized that it required more than just cutting and folding skills. A detailed planning process involving geometry and mathematic plus creativeness is the key to successful cutting and folding. Origami is where a folder's imagination has no bound.

The word Origami comes from *Ori" meaning "folding", and "Gami" meaning "paper". This dearest hobby of mine brought me much pleasure and admiration from my friends and classmates of both sexes, parents and teachers.


Yet it also brought frustration because no matter how great the finished sculpture was, it could not last long. With the passage of time, the color of the papers faded, and the forms and shapes distorted due to moisture and humidity.



My passion in origami has driven me to explore ways to preserve my finished products. After years of research and practice, I began my first trial in 2003 to substitute aluminum for paper. Aluminum has more good qualities than a paper can offer.


In addition to being soft and foldable, aluminum does not rust and can withstand moisture and humidity.

Sculpture of


As the cut and fold skills with aluminum are different from paper, I researched seriously into the types of aluminum and their properties; and practised the cut and fold skills with different types of aluminum.


Eventually, in 2006 I succeeded in pioneering a completely new technique by blending Japanese origami skills and the traditional Chinese mortise skills with aluminum recycled from empty aluminum cans to build 3-dimension sculptures. All my art pieces are originated from the shape of triangular prism that provide sturdy support and resemble the logo of recycle.


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